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American Arrogance and the Hayne Plane

Despite my well-documented disinterest in both Rugby League and American Football, I admit I’m interested to see the Jarryd Hayne experiment play out. Hayne, you may know, abandoned the NRL last year (where he was a superstar) and is currently attempting to make … Continue reading

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Punting the Punt

In 1993 I bet $1 on Vintage Crop to win the Melbourne Cup. I was in primary school at the time, and was with my Dad as he braved the ridiculous crowds at the local TAB to place a handful … Continue reading

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The 2nd Ashes Test – The Things That Go Unnoticed

Shane Watson and Brad Haddin’s absence from the 2nd Test brought some fans joy, ambivalence or anxiety. Many were joyful at Watson’s overdue dropping from the Test team. Haddin left himself out for family reasons but with a very capable … Continue reading

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LeBron James owes Matthew Dellavedova a house

Most people don’t know who Matthew Dellavedova is, but Aussie basketball fans will recognise “Delly” as the Aussie who is currently playing alongside the world’s best player LeBron James for the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA. Delly also has a … Continue reading

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Rajon Rondo and The Alpha Spectrum 

I will always be a Rajon Rondo fan. Yes, he no longer plays for my beloved Celtics, the greatest franchise in basketball. But he is still a captivating, frustrating, unquantifiably irresistible NBA player. He plays in a way we’ve never … Continue reading

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Ethnic ties have held football back in Australia

A few years ago at work I was asked to show around a new employee, a young Englishman named Michael. We got to talking and it emerged that Michael was a recent arrival in Australia, and was here to play … Continue reading

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AFL Grand Final Preview 2014 – Hawthorn v Sydney Swans

Every Grand Final Preview essentially is trying to crack the question: who will win the big game? This simple yet somewhat challenging question can baffle even the most expert minds. And at the end of reading these previews you can … Continue reading

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The NRL is terrible

That a Melburnian doesn’t like the NRL is not overly surprising. After all, I grew up being force-fed a steady diet of AFL, and being told that Rugby League is a rubbish sport. To be honest, I still believe Rugby League is … Continue reading

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Dancing pixels and shattered dreams

Last night a glittering second half hat-trick from Alexis Sanchez saw Arsenal prevail over Hull 3-1, and left me buoyant. The world’s colours shone brighter, food tasted better, and I had a spring in my step. Encouraged by their solid display, … Continue reading

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The Pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games.

The coccyx, pinky toes, ear muscles, the appendix, wisdom teeth and the Commonwealth Games. What do all these things have in common?

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