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Which World Cup is the Best World Cup?

With only days to go before the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the entire nation of Australia is rallying to support the Wallabies. The streets are being painted Green and Gold, the media coverage is saturation-level, and fans around the nation … Continue reading

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American Arrogance and the Hayne Plane

Despite my well-documented disinterest in both Rugby League and American Football, I admit I’m interested to see the Jarryd Hayne experiment play out. Hayne, you may know, abandoned the NRL last year (where he was a superstar) and is currently attempting to make … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: 22/03/2013

Hello again folks! First up: trick plays in sport normally involve doing the unexpected – lining up in a different formation or getting certain players to play different roles. Normally, however, it doesn’t involve simply walking through the ENTIRE team, … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: 15/03/2013

It’s been a long time between drinks. Too long, in fact. We can think of no better way than to introduce a brand new – but more importantly – regular segment: Friday Funnies! We’re scanning the web to bring you … Continue reading

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Australia and New Zealand’s Great Rivalry

I love New Zealand. Great place. Great people. More than any country (even Mother England or the Yanks) Australia can turn to New Zealand (and vice versa) when the going gets tough. They also boast the single greatest burger joint on … Continue reading

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Mike or The Don plays Cupid

Another year, another Valentine’s Day successfully navigated. It’s a time when a fat little baby appears in commercials and magazines and in shopfronts everywhere. Blonde ringlets, a freshly Napisan’d nappy and a totally-unsuitable-for-children bow and arrow set apparently represent love … Continue reading

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MoTD’s 3 Most Underrated Sports

Here at Mike or The Don we get frustrated that some top notch sports are overlooked, and some pretty awful sports hog the spotlight. So three of us decided to collaborate on this article detailing three of the most underrated … Continue reading

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