World Cup 2014 – The Mike or The Don Analysis

Friday it kicks off – the big dance, the big show, the main event. THE WORLD CUP! Every 4 years we set our body clocks to nocturnal and enjoy the extravaganza that is football! Now at this time you can read any type of preview imaginable – from your basic break down of each team and their star players to ones that can state which team will win based upon the selections of an ocelot.

Case in point

So at Mike or The Don we have stripped back all the fluff and have compiled arguably the most comprehensive form guide to give you all a slightly different perspective of each team’s chances heading into the World Cup. Continue reading

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How Australia can win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Here at Mike or The Don, we think the FIFA World Cup is the greatest sporting event on earth.

We are stocking up on Red Bull, napping at the office, and experimenting with not-quite-legal medication in an effort to retune our body clocks to Brazilian time.

Most pundits are writing off Australia as having no chance. We are not most pundits.

We’ve done the homework for you, investigated our competition, and have come up with this sure-fire, can’t-miss, lock-it-in-eddie guaranteed plan that will win Australia the World Cup.

Allow yourself to imagine those hands belong to Mile Jedinak!

Laughable, you say? Well, let’s break it down, MoTD-style.  Continue reading

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#freeviney? I’m not so sure…

People complaining about the Jack Viney decision must have completely missed the last decade of AFL Head Office decision-making.

Former players, journalists, and legions of fans are absolutely livid that Viney copped a two-week suspension for breaking Tom Lynch’s jaw in a bump.

The world’s most controversial cuddle.

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Australia’s basketball renaissance

Imagine watching the 2020 Olympic Games.

Specifically, imagine watching the Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Match.

You’re probably picturing Team USA vs someone.

Are you picturing… Australia?!

Could this be a Gold Medal Match?

Could this be a Gold Medal Match?

Far-fetched? Not as far as you might think. And here’s why…

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Mile Jedinak and the Crazy Pills

Please watch the following 5 second clip from Will Ferrell’s Acadamy Award® winning performance in ‘Zoolander’

Note his expression, tone, and inability to comprehend what’s happening before him.

These are things I can relate to at the moment.

You see, I just saw an article online that ranks the top 100 Australian sportspeople. Mile Jedinak was listed at number 51.

Seriously, am I on freakin’ crazy pills right now?!

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Buddy’s greatest crime

At the time of writing, it looks very much like Lance “Buddy” Franklin is going to accept a 9-year, $10million offer to play for the Sydney Swans.

This has, predictably, caused an outrage to seep through 17 other AFL clubs and their fans. We could have accepted Buddy leaving for Greater Western Sydney. That would have been OK since he would have toiled for a few unsuccessful years before having a chance at more success. Instead, he’s gone to the Swans and given them a new lease on life and a ridiculous level of talent on the books, marking them as consistent genuine contenders for the next half decade.

Buddy in Swans Jumper

Buddy’s outfit change in the final minutes of the 2012 GF should’ve been a giveaway.

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The Ashes 1st Test: Cheap suits, card tricks and Draco Malfoy

Sadly for Australia it was an all too familiar scene. A low total required on the last day of a Test Match for victory only to fall agonizingly short. Unbelievably, cruelly, throw-the-remote-through-the-TV-screen short.

So in the wash-up, the DRS system has taken a belting, as too has Draco Malfoy – sorry, Stuart Broad (everyone loves a scapegoat) but it’s important to look beyond the obvious and re-hash just what we learnt this test and therefore what to expect for the rest of the series.

Hopefully a lot less of this, for starters

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Fixing the Olympics

Don’t get me wrong: The Olympics isn’t broken.

Not since this happened, anyway.

It’s still the second-best sporting event on earth after the Reigning and Undisputed Champion. But given the Olympics are all about striving for perfection, we thought we’d flag some ideas to improve an an already-excellent event.

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Bye Bye Buddy? The ongoing Hawthorn, GWS and Lance Franklin love triangle

It is becoming an annual occurrence in the AFL – the “will he or won’t he stay?” saga that surrounds at least one high profile player. Throughout 2010 it was Gary Ablett, in 2011 Tom Scully was put under the spotlight and throughout 2012 Travis Cloke and Kurt Tippett kept everyone wondering. This year one of the most electric and exciting players ever to grace our game is now in the same predicament. We’re going to break it down simply from both a player and club perspective.

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Greatest Upsets in NBA history

Most analysts picked the Miami Heat to win this series, but how surprised would you be if the Indiana Pacers won today?

With only a few hours left until Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals we take a look back at a true David Vs. Goliath matchup and one of the greatest upsets in recent NBA history.

Outcasts Vs. All-Stars

The Outcasts Vs. The All-Stars

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