Friday Funnies – 5/4/2013

Jeff Kennett is never far from the news when footy season rolls around. It did make me wonder how we have come this far without any mention of Jeff so I searched the web looking for some Kennett gold for us all to feast upon this week. After 0.3sec I found a winner: Kennett’s reaction to a ridiculously awful umpiring decision. “Troppo” is quite an apt description!

Jeff Kennett and Friday Funnies will be a good pairing

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Good Friday Funnies – 29/03/2013

An especially Good Friday to you all! For most of you, a falcon is either a Ford, a NFL player or a bird. However, in a sporting context a “falcon” is a term used for an accidental knock to the head with the ball. Now there’s nothing funnier than watching unsuspecting people get whacked in the head with the ball. But, it brings it to another level altogether when a player manages to do so in rugby league, directly from the kickoff no less..

A quintessential falcon

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Friday Funnies: 22/03/2013

Hello again folks! First up: trick plays in sport normally involve doing the unexpected – lining up in a different formation or getting certain players to play different roles. Normally, however, it doesn’t involve simply walking through the ENTIRE team, but hats off to this team who pulled it off quite nicely.

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Friday Funnies: 15/03/2013

It’s been a long time between drinks. Too long, in fact. We can think of no better way than to introduce a brand new – but more importantly – regular segment: Friday Funnies! We’re scanning the web to bring you a little bit of joy to your previously dull, everyday, vanilla Fridays. So, you’re welcome friends  – now you can head into the weekend with a smile and a giggle or two.

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Becoming a parent

My wife is pregnant. It is our first child.

Of course, it wasn’t 100% official until it was Facebook Official©, but once my wife posted the “Totes Pregz.” status update, we exploded the internet.

The reaction on Facebook was a bit overwhelming. Apparently, aside from sapping my wife’s energy, blood supply and ability to eat soft cheeses, my child has the ability to make otherwise sane people travel to a world of “happiness tears,” buttercups and rainbows.

No booze, sushi or cheese? This kid better poop diamonds…

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The Preview: AFL Grand Final 2012 Hawthorn vs Sydney Swans

The final Saturday in September is upon us. There’s only four quarters of footy left to decide who will be champs and who will be chumps. So – will it be Hawthorn or Sydney? We at Mike or the Don take an in-depth look at the final game of the season. And for those who don’t know Jarrad McVeigh from Jarryd Roughead, we took the time to canvass every area so you can be the guy (or girl) with all the inside knowledge at your Grand Final BBQ!

Prepare to be wowed…

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Lance Armstrong: Did he or didn’t he? Is he or isn’t he?

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

That saying has been hanging on my wall for over six years years now. Above it, in the same frame, is a picture of Lance Armstrong cycling down the Champs-Élysées – Arc de Triumph in the background – flanked by his Team Discovery team mates.

Is this the smile of a winner or a guy getting away with something…?

This shot was taken on the final stage of the 2005 Tour de France, capturing Lance Armstrong’s seventh consecutive Tour de France victory. It was a 21st gift and it’s hung in every room I’ve lived in since. I’ve always had the suspicion that the saying was copied from one of those highly cliché motivational posters, but that never bothered me; it was Lance Armstrong.

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Yamilé Aldama: claiming more than gold at London 2012

A lot is said in the Olympics after a great sporting triumph – generally the joy, jubilation and satisfaction that comes after four years of sacrifice and hard work. But what about those who had to wait even longer – whose sporting triumphs are measured not only by their feats but also when you consider their unbelievable persistence, diligence and patience in the face of adversity? The James Magnussens of the world compete with an expectation of success. Thankfully there are athletes who simply do the best they can and compete fully aware of the privilege and honour that comes with being able to represent your country on the biggest stage. No more, no less.

Warning: expecting success generally leads to this

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Australia’s London Awakening

During my University days I had a job lifeguarding at a large swim centre in Melbourne. I’d arrive at the ungodly hour of 5:30am and watch through bleary eyes as the local swim squad did laps for a few hours before they headed off to school. The fact that I was charged with their wellbeing was kind of funny, because I’m a mediocre swimmer. However, it is surprisingly easy to qualify as a pool lifeguard, and it pays well, so I wasn’t about to complain.

“They gave me the job ‘cos I’ve got a pretty sweet cannonball.”

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Australia and New Zealand’s Great Rivalry

I love New Zealand. Great place. Great people. More than any country (even Mother England or the Yanks) Australia can turn to New Zealand (and vice versa) when the going gets tough. They also boast the single greatest burger joint on earth.

Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand. God bless these burger maestros.

But when it comes to sport… all bets are off.

Cricket and rugby immediately spring to mind, but today I’m going to suggest that our fiercest rivalry with the Fush und Chup eating, jandal wearing, chillybin owning mob from across the Tasman is in a different sport altogether.

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