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The 2nd Ashes Test – The Things That Go Unnoticed

Shane Watson and Brad Haddin’s absence from the 2nd Test brought some fans joy, ambivalence or anxiety. Many were joyful at Watson’s overdue dropping from the Test team. Haddin left himself out for family reasons but with a very capable … Continue reading

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World Cup 2014 – The Mike or The Don Analysis

Friday it kicks off – the big dance, the big show, the main event. THE WORLD CUP! Every 4 years we set our body clocks to nocturnal and enjoy the extravaganza that is football! Now at this time you can … Continue reading

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How Australia can win the 2014 FIFA World Cup

Here at Mike or The Don, we think the FIFA World Cup is the greatest sporting event on earth. We are stocking up on Red Bull, napping at the office, and experimenting with not-quite-legal medication in an effort to retune … Continue reading

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Mile Jedinak and the Crazy Pills

Please watch the following 5 second clip from Will Ferrell’s Acadamy Award® winning performance in ‘Zoolander’ Note his expression, tone, and inability to comprehend what’s happening before him. These are things I can relate to at the moment. You see, … Continue reading

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The Ashes 1st Test: Cheap suits, card tricks and Draco Malfoy

Sadly for Australia it was an all too familiar scene. A low total required on the last day of a Test Match for victory only to fall agonizingly short. Unbelievably, cruelly, throw-the-remote-through-the-TV-screen short. So in the wash-up, the DRS system … Continue reading

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Friday Funnies: 15/03/2013

It’s been a long time between drinks. Too long, in fact. We can think of no better way than to introduce a brand new – but more importantly – regular segment: Friday Funnies! We’re scanning the web to bring you … Continue reading

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Australia’s London Awakening

During my University days I had a job lifeguarding at a large swim centre in Melbourne. I’d arrive at the ungodly hour of 5:30am and watch through bleary eyes as the local swim squad did laps for a few hours … Continue reading

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Australia and New Zealand’s Great Rivalry

I love New Zealand. Great place. Great people. More than any country (even Mother England or the Yanks) Australia can turn to New Zealand (and vice versa) when the going gets tough. They also boast the single greatest burger joint on … Continue reading

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Australia and soccer: ‘It’s complicated’

There is no game on earth supported, played and loved more than soccer. This is no real surprise. It’s a phenomenally great game and with the ability to be played by anyone, anywhere and at any time it brings together … Continue reading

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The Australian Test Team Selection Dilemma

With the summer of cricket fast approaching the Australian sporting spotlight is now shining squarely upon our boys wearing Baggy Green caps. With the recent Test series over in South Africa now in the books, MoTD look to wade through … Continue reading

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