Dale Thomas and the Big Bang Theory

Despite the headline, this post is not about an AFL sex scandal. This is about a fun game some mates and I have developed. We take athletes and find them a match in the TV world.

For instance, Dale Thomas fits in nicely with the Big Bang Theory, since both are popular, very very good, but just slightly overrated nonetheless.

Lionel Messi is the IT Crowd. He is consistently brilliant, with moments of sheer genius beyond the reach of mere mortals.Plays unfold before him with effortlessness. You think you know what he’s about to do, but then he does something completely different and, invariably, his way is the better way.


Lance Franklin is Black Books. An exceptional talent, with moments of awe-inspiring creativity and innovation. Like Bernard Black, he’s prone to fits of rage. Buddy isn’t a sure-fire hit, though, and is not as consistent as you wish he was.


Serena Williams is the US Office. She has taken something British and very calm and understated and turned it into a brash, very-American, very in-your-face version of it’s former self. Having said all that, Serena is the superior prototype. Often imitated, but rarely equalled.


Shaquille O Neal is Scrubs. One of the all-time greats, including three or four years of absolute dominance. Hung around a bit too long, so his legacy is slightly tarnished.


LeBron James is Two and a Half Men. A powerful juggernaut, although a few (very public) bad decisions have led it astray. Trying things out with a new cast has yet to reap rewards. He’s hated by a large section of the community, but still hugely popular with other sections.

Editors Note: I honestly scoured YouTube looking for a funny Two and a Half Men clip. Couldn’t find one. Seriously… It is just not very funny.

So if you have any other ideas about an athlete/comedy match, let us know in the comments section below!



2 thoughts on “Dale Thomas and the Big Bang Theory

  1. Anthony Mundine is Today Tonight. Full of irrelevant rubbish.

    Kevin Sheedy can be compared to Hey Hey it’s Saturday. An all time great, who is attempting to reinvent himself. (possibly unsuccessfully).

    Matthew Richardson is “The Shawshank Redemption” (Are movies allowed?)… Oozing greatness, but never recieved ultimate success.

  2. Stumbled upon this accidentally. My 2p:
    Alicia Molik is Arrested Development: cut down before her time and never really won any awards;

    Zhang Jike is No Ordinary Family: no-one cares about either;

    Australian water polo team is Family Guy: always goes straight for the balls.

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