Working for the Weekend with Balmey and Kiwi

The hot topics are ironed out as Balmey and Kiwi get going in Mike or the Don’s new segment ‘Working for the Weekend!’ For our inaugural column the boys discuss the start of the AFL offseason – in particular trade week wash-up, the Australia vs Irish International series and even Brent Stanton gets a mention or two…

Not quite Balmey and Kiwi, but the sentiment is there

Kiwi: So, Trade Week has come and gone for another year. Big names Sierakowski, Hill and Morton all found new homes. What was your take on it all?

Balmey: No big surprises, Mitch Clark loves money more than his family and the Blues finally came to their senses after 7 years of the big Setant.

Mitch 'moneybags' Clark in his new surroundings

K: Very true. You must’ve had your heart in your mouth when there was word Jimmy Hird was sipping lattes with the big Irishman early in the week!

B: Please, one Brent Stanton in the team is enough.

K: Easy now, mate – we won’t get started on Brent Stanton just yet! You were quite right to mention the money factor in the Mitch Clark trade – did Melbourne pay too much? I heard they even threw in a car in the deal!

B: Well, he has the potential to be the best player in the team but with their list, that isn’t really saying much. The Melbourne FC remind me of the West Indies cricket team – haven’t done much since their heyday, have promised the world and delivered nothing.

K: You could say the same thing about Richmond as well! They got in the action this trade week as well, picking up an underrated ruckman in Maric without giving up really anything. They are my pick for winners this trade week, discounting GWS.

B: Realistically GWS didn’t get that much during trade week. Power, Cornes and Reid – hardly All-Australian selections there. Come the National Draft, thats another story.

K: Indeed. They’ve got as many selections as Lindsey Lohan has court appearances. Speaking of a lack of All-Australian selections – the International Rules series is kicking off next Friday. Will you be heading along to cheer on the Aussies?

The hybrid game played by the few AFL boys who aren't in Bali and the Irish who can be bothered making the trip

B: Hmmm I would have, but not only haven’t I heard of all the Irish players, I haven’t heard of 50% of the Australian players! Shiels and Easton Wood… Pahlease!

K: The whole concept has certainly lost its lustre from the heydays of actually playing the best AFL and Irish players.

B: It would be a lot more appealing if guys like Buddy, Ablett, Judd and the likes were running around. It’s a bit like having a Spring Racing Carnival with ponies instead of thoroughbreds and expecting people to pay attention.

B: Speaking of the trots, I’m off to the TAB.

K: Got any tips?

B: Here De Angels to injure Black Caviar from 2 barriers across into the French faking 3 injured props in the first 5 minutes of the Rugby World Cup Final to go to uncontested scrums.

K: Juicy odds for those two I would have thought.

B: And yourself?

K: I’ll back the big Setant to ruin his chances of being drafted by bashing a teammate at a practice session into the Wallabies showing less mettle in the bronze playoff than was on display in the recent AFC semi-final match

B: Sounds good, I’ll put those on too. And when I get back you can tell me why on earth the Bombers didn’t trade out that flog Stanton!


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