Friday Funnies: 15/03/2013

It’s been a long time between drinks. Too long, in fact. We can think of no better way than to introduce a brand new – but more importantly – regular segment: Friday Funnies! We’re scanning the web to bring you a little bit of joy to your previously dull, everyday, vanilla Fridays. So, you’re welcome friends  – now you can head into the weekend with a smile and a giggle or two.

Firstly, it’s always a great feeling when you make that amazing shot or play that brings home the bacon for your team. However, it’s not so great when you go for the premature, over-the-top celebration only to see it get thrown back in your face. Well, at least it’s great when you capture it on video for the rest of us to deliciously enjoy. This clip defines the meaning of ‘it ain’t over ‘till it’s over.’

Great hockey goalies are known for their amazing reflexes, concentration and coolness under pressure. However, I have to agree with the Sam Seaborn pitch on this subject: “I’d hire a sumo wrestler. I’d give him a uniform, transportation, 500 bucks a week to sit in the goal, eat a ham sandwich, and enjoy the game. My team would never get scored on.”

It’s been well documented this week that Michael Clarke and Shane Watson may not be the best of friends. Publicly they both say that everything is swell, but the word is they aren’t exactly BFFs. And I think we’ve pinpointed when it all started to go sour…

Football often gets panned for not being a so-called “real man’s” sport. This cheeky ad shows us why those beefy, no-neck rugby boys disdain those who play the beautiful game.

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