Friday Funnies: 22/03/2013

Hello again folks! First up: trick plays in sport normally involve doing the unexpected – lining up in a different formation or getting certain players to play different roles. Normally, however, it doesn’t involve simply walking through the ENTIRE team, but hats off to this team who pulled it off quite nicely.

We touched on celebration fails last week but this one is a different sort altogether. After nailing the final kick to win a game against Australia, celebrations broke out between the Scottish rugby players with two in particular jumping for joy with painful repercussions….or should that be ‘concussions’?

Now I’m sure newsreading is a lot harder than it looks, especially when the auto-cue is running at warp-speed, like in this clip. It’s hard not to feel for the guy but equally hard not to be amused. Try to watch this all the way – it’s only 4 minutes but it feels like oh so much longer..

Football fans will be well aware of Ian Holloway and his penchant for quirky and entertaining interviews. Back when the 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar, Holloway was manager of (then) Premier League team Blackpool. Here he was asked what he thought of shifting football around in that year to allow the World Cup to be played during the Northern winter and not the summer, as is traditionally the case. I’m not sure, but I think he’s not a fan of that idea..


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