Good Friday Funnies – 29/03/2013

An especially Good Friday to you all! For most of you, a falcon is either a Ford, a NFL player or a bird. However, in a sporting context a “falcon” is a term used for an accidental knock to the head with the ball. Now there’s nothing funnier than watching unsuspecting people get whacked in the head with the ball. But, it brings it to another level altogether when a player manages to do so in rugby league, directly from the kickoff no less..

A quintessential falcon

We all like our sport played by the rules. It means everything is kept in order, except when the referee goes on a power-trip and makes you re-take a penalty again, and again, and again, and again….

Also, it’s nice when you have a passionate coach on board to guide and lead your team. Everyone plays with an extra amount of vigour and intensity. It’s only really a problem when they, I don’t know…maybe when they let that “passion” get to them, and forget they aren’t actually playing the game themselves?

In the first few editions we’ve touched on premature celebrations, but in spite of what we’ve brought you so far, this one has to take the cake. Dude – just put the ball down first!!



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