Friday Funnies – 5/4/2013

Jeff Kennett is never far from the news when footy season rolls around. It did make me wonder how we have come this far without any mention of Jeff so I searched the web looking for some Kennett gold for us all to feast upon this week. After 0.3sec I found a winner: Kennett’s reaction to a ridiculously awful umpiring decision. “Troppo” is quite an apt description!

Jeff Kennett and Friday Funnies will be a good pairing

I am quickly coming to the conclusion that celebrations are the root cause of the funniest moments and fails in sport. We have covered premature celebrations quite frequently but have yet to touch on well-timed yet poorly executed celebrations, such as this girls basketball team. Maybe some heavy lifting in the off-season might be in order to ensure this works a little better next time around.

Having said that, there are still great celebration fails to be visited. In this football match a goalkeeper converts a penalty and rightly celebrates his achievement. However, the opposition takes full advantage at the re-start – with hilarious consequences.

Sportspeople and commercials result in truly funny moments, but none better than this Collingwood ad from 2003 for Sunsilk. Just wonderfully awful – from the bad script to the bad fake laughter. Enjoy!


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