Matthew Dellavedova is embarrassing Australia.

Habitual Linestepper

Charlie Murphy said it best.

Whenever I bring up my dislike for Delly’s play style, I’m met with, “quit your sooking and man up! It’s a contact sport.” – “he’s not dirty, he’s just clumsy” or, “he’s Aussie!”

I understand and respect Aussie camaraderie. We are supposed expected to stick by each other no matter what – purely based on the fact that we’re Australian… but I’m sorry, I can’t stand by and blindly support Delly’s blatant disregard for the well-being of other players. He was recently voted as the dirtiest player in the NBA in a poll by his own peers and coaches, no less. 

Delly has an undeserving reputation of being a defensive stopper. I blame the Australian media for blowing his abilities, vastly, out of proportion. They must have mistaken his non-basketball plays for defensive capabilities. This is what a real defensive stopper looks like. Clean as a whistle, unadulterated defense. This is Dellavedova:

Delly Iggy

OUCH! Dirty Delly hitting Iggy’s Willy: Video

To quote Andre Iguodala, “You’ve got guys who have to be a little physical, a little dirty to make a life and to feed your family.”

That’s not all. Dellavedova has a long history of performing such heinous acts. Yes, it’s a contact sport but there’s a line that he repeatedly crosses. When Delly dives for a loose ball, if not with the intention to maim, definitely the capacity to injure the opposing player. Just ask Kyle Korver, who missed the remainder of the playoffs with a severely sprained ankle. Marcus Smart, a real defensive stopper, dives for the ball and does not injure the opposing player

Even players not known for their great defense can do it:

John Wall steals the ball off Kyrie Irving.
Rondo’s epic dive for the loose ball
Blake Griffin hustle and effort.

Can someone please explain why Dellavedova felt the need take out Al Horford’s knee? If this is what he calls “boxing out for a rebound,” then this is not the sport he should be playing. Horford is usually pretty mild-mannered and even-keeled but he took exception to Delly trying to injure him and responded with an elbow drop.

Still not convinced that Dellavedova is a dirty player? How about this leg lock on Taj Gibson for no reason at all? This is not a natural movement. He INTENDED to lock Gibson’s leg up to stop him from moving.
Furthermore, whilst Draymond Green is no poster child for clean basketball, he also fell victim to Dirty Delly’s antics by having his hand locked up in an MMA-style take down move, which could’ve easily resulted in a broken hand or wrist upon landing.

None of these instances are clumsy, all of them are intentional. You don’t make it to this level of basketball by being clumsy, unless your name is Javale McGee.

There is really no excuse. The evidence is right there in front of you and if you still think that he’s not dirty, then you’re clearly blind.

While it may be going too far to conclude that Dellavedova is an embarrassment to our country, or that he shouldn’t be allowed to represent us… there is no denying that his type of game, being played on basketball’s biggest stage is doing nothing positive for Australia’s reputation.



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