An Open Letter to George R.R. Martin: Please kill Khaleesi

Dear George R.R. Martin,

I want you to kill Khaleesi.

Kill her, George.

Kill her, and don’t have her come back. No resurrection, please.

Because the series will be so much more INTERESTING once she’s gone.

You see, George, the “Endgame” of the series is what fascinates me most.

Sure, the plots and machinations that take us there are interesting, the history and character developments are interesting…

I literally punched my fists in the air at this line.

But I want to know where we’ll end up more than anything…

And I don’t want closure. The series isn’t going to provide an unambiguous and uplifting ending. I know that, and I love that. Main characters will die. Entire houses will fall. The Iron Throne will not matter. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the Endgame will be better and more interesting with Khaleesi dead. Sooner rather than later.

If that’s not in the current drafts, I want you to reconsider. Here’s why:

1. Daenerys dying would cause more chaos than any other death. Chaos is fun. Chaos is interesting. 

If Jon, Tyrion, Arya, Jaime, Sansa or any of the other “major” characters died, the plot wouldn’t actually be altered all that much.

Arguably, only Cersei’s death would cause as much upheaval, but that would be positive upheaval, which is boring.

More ladders, please George!

2. Daenerys dying makes the Dragons a huge wildcard.

Imagine it, George:

Three motherless Dragons.

Cersei equipped with technology to kill Dragons.

Jon with Targaryen blood flowing through his veins.

A Nights King who can resurrect dead animals to his own forces.

Bran refining his warging abilities, including the ability to warg into animals…

Isn’t that much more interesting than “They do what their mother tells them to do…”?

Gotta cut the cord sometime, Dany…


3. Daenerys dying gives the more-interesting Cersei room to wreak havoc.

Cersei is unquestionably more interesting as a character. Her backstory, love-life, motivations, and approaches to the Game are all far more interesting.

With her main rival gone Cersei would be up against a dysfunctional and broken former-alliance of Highgarden, Dorne, and Dothraki.

Giving Cersei the room to scheme, manoeuvre and manipulate would be far more interesting than seeing her against an alliance united under Khaleesi’s Targaryen banner.

This 2 second GIF is more interesting than 6 seasons of Daenerys.

3. Daenerys dying destroys the balance of Ice and Fire, which is a good thing.

The assumed ending of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series has long been “Daenerys-vs-Night’s King” in a Battle Royale.

But when has this series given a damn about assumptions or predictions?

I’ll be disappointed if it ends with something as predictable as Ice Warriors versus Dragonfire for ultimate control of Westeros.

If it’s Daenerys and Jon Snow riding Dragons into battle against the Night’s King, then we’ve wasted a long time to reach a predicable and predetermined final.

Mix it up, George.

Ice is cooler than fire anyway… Get it…?
I’ll show myself out.


4. We’ve reached the point where her safety is assumed, which is a bad thing.

When has this series ever been predictable?

Ned Stark died. The Red Wedding happened. Sansa saved Jon Snow in the Battle of the Bastards. Stannis burnt his own daughter at the stake. The best swordsman in Westeros had his hand chopped off by an otherwise nondescript character. The unflappable and seemingly unstoppable Ramsey Bolton had his face eaten.

Daenerys, meanwhile, has been in various horrific situations. She was nearly killed in The House of the Undying. She was captured by an unfriendly Khalasar. She was surrounded by Sons of the Harpy. She’s survived it all.

Unfortunately, the threats no longer seems real, they’re no longer menacing. We’ve reached the point where I don’t believe she can die. We’ve reached the point where people assume she will survive. We assume she will be there at the Endgame.

Which is the absolutely BEST time to kill her off, George.

Not for shock value, but because it would be in keeping with the rest of the series to date. Wildly unpredictable, where no-one’s safety is assured.

Can we trade Daenerys for Hodor, please, George?

Ultimately, it’s your series George. It doesn’t belong to Benioff and Weiss or the millions of fans around the world.

You created Westeros, and you can do with it what you will.

Will your creation have a nice, balanced, neat conclusion? One that is in line with what we all expect?

Or are you going to create something so unexpected, unbalanced, chaotic, and brilliant?

I always think back to the glee I felt watching other people (the non book-reading savages) watch Ned die or watching the Red Wedding.

It was so satisfying to watch their assumptions shatter.

I can’t even imagine how satisfying it would be if you killed off the (inexplicably) beloved Khaleesi, and then you got to watch the world react to your decision.

Some men just want to watch the world burn, George.


Do it, George. Kill Daenerys Targaryen.


Mike or The Don.


One thought on “An Open Letter to George R.R. Martin: Please kill Khaleesi

  1. You bring up a very interesting point, unpalatable to many but very daring. Imagine Westeros without the Mother of Dragons. The chaos it can wreck. Interesting point indeed.

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