Who is the greatest sportsperson of all time?

Michael Jordan or Sir Donald Bradman?

Mike… or The Don?

Tackling the broader issues in sport, mikeorthedon.com provides an outlet for robust debate, sports analysis and childish name-calling.

Join Adam, Shane, Tommy and a cavalcade of guest writers from around the world as they explore the big issues in world sport, while considering the vague (and frankly unlikely) possibility that life doesn’t revolve around sporting achievements.

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More about us:


A cricket nut in particular, Adam’s fondness for sport blossomed from his early days growing up in New Zealand. It was here where sport served as an escape from, well, pretty much everything. His attempts to popularise AFL across the Tasman continue to go unfulfilled.

Adam enjoys poetry. And a glass of scotch. And, of course, regurgitating quotes from his favourite TV shows and movies. A mechanical engineering graduate, he loves all sport but has particular affection for cricket, soccer, AFL and rugby union. His favourite teams include the mighty Geelong Cats, West Ham United, and, of course, Australia in any sport.


Growing up in Melbourne without any real interest in AFL, Shane learnt quickly that mainstream sport journalism was not a career option. Instead, he has turned to the Interwebz to rant about sport and why everything wrong with society is probably Beyonce’s fault.

Shane enjoys condescendingly patting people on the head, using obscure words in a jarring fashion, and playing Devil’s Advocate when there’s really no need to do so. His deep love for the Boston Celtics only barely eclipses his deep hatred of the Los Angeles Lakers, and he is responsible for roughly 12% of all YouTube views of “Tim Cahill vs Japan.”


If Adam and Shane were to spawn a good looking love child out of wedlock, it would be Tommy. Jokes – if you knew him at all, you would know that just about 143% of the things Tommy says aren’t serious.

For the safety of the world, MikeOrTheDon.com was created to distract him from concocting something deadly using his Pharmaceutical Science degree. On the rare occasion this man has free time, he uses it to abuse remedial Laker fans on Twitter as he dislikes anyone that likes Kobe Bryant. As always, Enjoy Yo’self!


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  1. We should clarify, RJ… Nominations for ‘greatest ever’ are well and truly closed. Congratulations to Slater on an excellent career in a fringe sport that’s existed less than 50 years and has only been taken seriously for a couple of decades.

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