Mike or the Don’s 10 Worst Sports Commercials

Last week, we had fun bringing you the 10 Greatest Sports Commercials! This week, we are doing the complete opposite.

There are tonnes of terrible sports commercials out there that try too hard to be funny, filled with puns and stuff that doesn’t make sense. Then there are those that leave you standing there, wondering where your brain cells went. Well, we sacrificed our IQs to go through and rank ALL of them. Ok, not all of them but the 10 worst sports commercials we could find.

Otherwise, Enjoy Yo’self!

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MotorSport is not a sport

I always thought MotorSport fans were a tiny minority of people.

“Clearly they’ve been exposed to petrol fumes too much,” I thought. “They’re just bogans who wear V8 Supercar jackets to weddings or who buy incredibly crass Ferrari-branded phones.”

"Never mind the bloody race! Wayne-O's doing Horsies into the can pile!"

But I was wrong. It turns out there are thousands of sane and civilised people who enjoy watching MotorSport. These people live and die by the performances of Craig, Casey, Mark, Marcos and other drivers who apparently have graduated to the “so beloved we only need one name” echelon formerly reserved for Cathy, Gazey, Thorpey and Harry.

But my main question to those people: Is MotorSport even a real sport?

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