The Pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games.

The coccyx, pinky toes, ear muscles, the appendix, wisdom teeth and the Commonwealth Games. What do all these things have in common?


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Australia and New Zealand’s Great Rivalry

I love New Zealand. Great place. Great people. More than any country (even Mother England or the Yanks) Australia can turn to New Zealand (and vice versa) when the going gets tough. They also boast the single greatest burger joint on earth.

Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand. God bless these burger maestros.

But when it comes to sport… all bets are off.

Cricket and rugby immediately spring to mind, but today I’m going to suggest that our fiercest rivalry with the Fush und Chup eating, jandal wearing, chillybin owning mob from across the Tasman is in a different sport altogether.

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The merit of mixed netball

For years I thought that the only men who willingly play netball were:

  • gay
  • dragged kicking and screaming by their girlfriends
  • single, and are hoping that they can pick up one of the legions of fit women who flock to netball

Well hello there, intimidatingly tall ladies…

And after playing mixed netball for around 5 years now I can safely tell you that… I was right. Those are the only reasons men play netball.

But netball does have merit, and men should be more open to the idea than they are.

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