Matthew Dellavedova is embarrassing Australia.

Habitual Linestepper

Charlie Murphy said it best.

Whenever I bring up my dislike for Delly’s play style, I’m met with, “quit your sooking and man up! It’s a contact sport.” – “he’s not dirty, he’s just clumsy” or, “he’s Aussie!”

I understand and respect Aussie camaraderie. We are supposed expected to stick by each other no matter what – purely based on the fact that we’re Australian… but I’m sorry, I can’t stand by and blindly support Delly’s blatant disregard for the well-being of other players. He was recently voted as the dirtiest player in the NBA in a poll by his own peers and coaches, no less.  Continue reading


Friday Funnies – 19/4/2013

Golf is never as easy as it looks. What’s that, you say? – all you have to do is whack a little round ball, how hard can it be? Well, there’s posture, grip, shoulder position, among many many other things. Basically, there’s a lot of things to keep in mind even before you swing the club, but it’s all well worth it.

Piece of cake!

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Good Friday Funnies – 29/03/2013

An especially Good Friday to you all! For most of you, a falcon is either a Ford, a NFL player or a bird. However, in a sporting context a “falcon” is a term used for an accidental knock to the head with the ball. Now there’s nothing funnier than watching unsuspecting people get whacked in the head with the ball. But, it brings it to another level altogether when a player manages to do so in rugby league, directly from the kickoff no less..

A quintessential falcon

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Mike or the Don’s 10 Worst Sports Commercials

Last week, we had fun bringing you the 10 Greatest Sports Commercials! This week, we are doing the complete opposite.

There are tonnes of terrible sports commercials out there that try too hard to be funny, filled with puns and stuff that doesn’t make sense. Then there are those that leave you standing there, wondering where your brain cells went. Well, we sacrificed our IQs to go through and rank ALL of them. Ok, not all of them but the 10 worst sports commercials we could find.

Otherwise, Enjoy Yo’self!

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Mike or the Don’s 10 Greatest Sports Commercials

Commercials and sport are enemies, right? We hate ads during the game. And yet sometimes the creative advertising folks actually get it right. The right mix of humour, sincerity, inspiration and sport.

We’ve literally studied every single sports commercial ever from a philosophical, historical and meta-theological perspective to bring you the definitive compilation of the Greatest Sports Commercials ever made.

We know there are heaps of them out there and we tried to mix up the sports as much as we could so feel free to disagree (even though you’re probably wrong).

Leave comments on ones that you think we missed and we will amend the article if we happen to agree.

As always, Enjoy Yo’self!

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