In defense of Nick Kyrgios, again

So Nick Kyrgios lost a tennis match.

Meanwhile, Australia’s sporting public has lost its mind.

Kyrgios lost a strange match against Andreas Seppi in the 2nd round of the Australian Open. After being two sets up, Kyrgios appeared lethargic and disinterested (if you believe the commentary box) while dropping the 3rd and 4th sets… before a rollercoaster 5th set that ended at 10-8 to the Italian.

And Kyrgios was booed off the court.

Let that last part sink in.

A 21-year-old Australian, playing at the Australian Open, who had just lost a five-set match that took over three hours, going 10-8 in the 5th set… was booed off the court?


Are they saying ‘Boo’ or ‘Boo-Urns?’

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In defence of Nick Kyrgios

So Nick Kyrgios has declined to represent Australia in tennis at the Rio Olympics, and cited the Australian Olympic Committee’s treatment of him as a reason for his withdrawal.

The response from the sporting public has been predictable: “GOOD! Kid has an ego and throws tantrums on-court. He Tweets too much. He doesn’t deserve to wear the sacred Green and Gold, reserved only for good, hard-working Aussies.

Are sunnies part of the uniform? Why aren’t the lenses green and gold!?

Australia’s Rio Olympics Chief, Kitty Chiller put it like this:

“I think some of Nick’s comments in social media in the past week shows he doesn’t really understand what it means to be an Australian Olympian.”

The dirty truth of her comments might not be obvious to most. However, the hidden meaning of her comment is plain-as-day to any second-generation Australian.

Nick has been hung out to dry by the Australian Olympic Committee because he’s not Aussie enough.

Yes. It’s racial prejudice.

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Mike or the Don’s 10 Greatest Sports Commercials

Commercials and sport are enemies, right? We hate ads during the game. And yet sometimes the creative advertising folks actually get it right. The right mix of humour, sincerity, inspiration and sport.

We’ve literally studied every single sports commercial ever from a philosophical, historical and meta-theological perspective to bring you the definitive compilation of the Greatest Sports Commercials ever made.

We know there are heaps of them out there and we tried to mix up the sports as much as we could so feel free to disagree (even though you’re probably wrong).

Leave comments on ones that you think we missed and we will amend the article if we happen to agree.

As always, Enjoy Yo’self!

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Mike or The Don plays Cupid

Another year, another Valentine’s Day successfully navigated.

It’s a time when a fat little baby appears in commercials and magazines and in shopfronts everywhere. Blonde ringlets, a freshly Napisan’d nappy and a totally-unsuitable-for-children bow and arrow set apparently represent love and matchmaking.

Still poops in his pants, but apparently smart enough to make life-altering decisions for total strangers.

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Crying, Sport and the Tim Cahill Man-Crush

The end of Terminator 2 or The Shawshank Redemption. The death of a beloved dog. Deciding to risk it when your mate swaps a tennis ball for a cricket ball in the nets.

They're basically crotch-seeking missiles

There are plenty of reasons for grown men to cry.

So grab your Kleenex, because here are some of the times that crying is allowed/encouraged from the Sporting World.

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