Mike or the Don’s 10 Greatest Sports Commercials

Commercials and sport are enemies, right? We hate ads during the game. And yet sometimes the creative advertising folks actually get it right. The right mix of humour, sincerity, inspiration and sport.

We’ve literally studied every single sports commercial ever from a philosophical, historical and meta-theological perspective to bring you the definitive compilation of the Greatest Sports Commercials ever made.

We know there are heaps of them out there and we tried to mix up the sports as much as we could so feel free to disagree (even though you’re probably wrong).

Leave comments on ones that you think we missed and we will amend the article if we happen to agree.

As always, Enjoy Yo’self!

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MoTD’s 3 Most Underrated Sports

Here at Mike or The Don we get frustrated that some top notch sports are overlooked, and some pretty awful sports hog the spotlight.

So three of us decided to collaborate on this article detailing three of the most underrated sports going around: Rugby Union, Gymnastics, and Volleyball.

Also underrated: Emma Stone. Totally irrelevant, but any excuse to run this pic.

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