AFL Women’s and the Alternate Australia

Amongst the overwhelming support for the opening round of AFL women’s, there were some pretty disappointing (and yet utterly predictable) opinions doing the rounds.

The players were tough-as-nails, but some less-charitable armchair experts chose to focus on the skill errors and low scores as evidence that the concept is doomed.

A more valid opinion? GWS's colours are horrific.

A more valid opinion? GWS’s colours are horrific.

So this is an invitation to those people.

Let’s go on a journey together, to an alternate reality.

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In defense of Nick Kyrgios, again

So Nick Kyrgios lost a tennis match.

Meanwhile, Australia’s sporting public has lost its mind.

Kyrgios lost a strange match against Andreas Seppi in the 2nd round of the Australian Open. After being two sets up, Kyrgios appeared lethargic and disinterested (if you believe the commentary box) while dropping the 3rd and 4th sets… before a rollercoaster 5th set that ended at 10-8 to the Italian.

And Kyrgios was booed off the court.

Let that last part sink in.

A 21-year-old Australian, playing at the Australian Open, who had just lost a five-set match that took over three hours, going 10-8 in the 5th set… was booed off the court?


Are they saying ‘Boo’ or ‘Boo-Urns?’

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The Disgrace of Gijón and the 48-team FIFA World Cup

The Final match of Group 2 of the 1982 FIFA World Cup saw West Germany take on Austria in the city of Gijón, Spain.

Because of a quirk in the World Cup point system, the result of the game meant that…

1-0 or 2-0 to West Germany: Both West Germany and Austria advance to the next stage.

Draw, or Austria win: Austria and another team in their group – Algeria – advance, while West Germany are eliminated.

West Germany win by 3 or more goals: West Germany and Algeria advance. Austria are eliminated.

Carry the two... Yep... It checks out.

Carry the two… Yep… It checks out.

You can see where I’m headed, right?

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The AFL needs a mercy rule

I believe the AFL should implement a “mercy rule” for lopsided games.

When a team is up by 60 points or more at halftime, the game should end.

This might seem drastic, but I think the benefits outweigh the costs… and it could be the solution to “Tanking” that the AFL has desperately searched for!

No dramas, I've got a mate who's a panel beater...

No dramas, I’ve got a mate who’s a panel beater…

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Phelps or Bolt – Who is the Greater Olympian?

So Usain Bolt has just claimed a third-straight 100m Sprint Gold Medal. He now has 7 Gold Medals, and counting.

But for many, Michael Phelps is the greater Olympian, by virtue of his 23 Gold Medals.

But despite everything you’ve ever been told about mathematics, I’m about to argue that 7 is Greater than 23.

Good Will Hunting is double-checking my calculations.

Good Will Hunting is double-checking my calculations.

Yes, Bolt is Greater than Phelps.

Here’s why:

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Olympic Preview – Sports we don’t understand but still love

So the Olympic Games are around the corner, and despite already meeting its scandal quota before the opening ceremony, Rio2016 will hopefully still be a fun event.

Arguably the best thing about the Olympic Games is being exposed to sports we have no knowledge of, watch only once every four years, or simply don’t care about in any real way… and still being interested in how the drama unfolds.

After all, everyone on Earth watches the 100m Sprint Finals. The floor gymnastics, basketball, soccer and swimming have no problems drawing our attention. And for some bizarre reason women’s beach volleyball is intensely popular.

Made all the more bizarre by the fact that Val Kilmer isn't even involved...

Made all the more bizarre by the fact that Val Kilmer isn’t even involved…

But what about the less-well-known Olympic events that still have us glued to the TV?

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Sansa Stark is better than Khaleesi

Yes. Sansa. The irritating whiner who kicked off the domino effect that started pretty much all the pain in Westeros by lying to King Robert in Season One? The one who basically got her own father killed?

Possibly more hated than Joffrey in Season One.

Possibly more hated than Joffrey in Season One.

The Lamest Stark™ is a much better, much cooler character than Queen Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi, Stormborn, The Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, The Haver of Nicknames, who has been smashing and burning that glass ceiling since her brother got his very snug golden crown fitted?

Yeah. And it’s not close. Let’s break it down.

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