AFL players are not impressive athletes

There’s been a lot of love for AFL on MoTD recently, because the AFL season is upon us again. I don’t mind AFL. A good quality game is fun to watch, and I genuinely enjoy kicking the footy with mates.

However, I lack the ‘obsession’ gene that most Melburnians are born with. I lack that pathological fixation on all things AFL. I don’t live the months of March-through-October one weekend at a time. And when my team lose, I don’t take it personally (which is a good thing, since I support Richmond!)

Growing up, my preference for basketball over footy was met with pity, confusion or occasionally contempt. How could I pick a Yankee non-contact game for sissy beanpoles over the roughest, toughest, fastest and most exciting game on earth?

Say NBA to an Aussie, chances are good this is the mental image they come up with.

Well it’s time to burst some bubbles folks, so strap yourselves in… this could be a long one.

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Proof of Evolution

How humans got here is a touchy subject. People tend to subscribe either to Evolutionary Theory or Creationism.

In one corner you have people who blindly¬†and dogmatically believe what they’re told because of some old man with a white beard supposedly wrote it in a special book many many years ago.

And in the other corner you have religious people.


But seriously… Adam, Eve, Gorillas, Hobbits, Aliens… whatever… Somehow we all managed to get here. We’re not going to judge anyone on what they believe.

But I think it’s worth highlighting the single most compelling evidence that evolution is real: The National Basketball Association.
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