The Pointlessness of the Commonwealth Games.

The coccyx, pinky toes, ear muscles, the appendix, wisdom teeth and the Commonwealth Games. What do all these things have in common?


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Mike or the Don’s 10 Worst Sports Commercials

Last week, we had fun bringing you the 10 Greatest Sports Commercials! This week, we are doing the complete opposite.

There are tonnes of terrible sports commercials out there that try too hard to be funny, filled with puns and stuff that doesn’t make sense. Then there are those that leave you standing there, wondering where your brain cells went. Well, we sacrificed our IQs to go through and rank ALL of them. Ok, not all of them but the 10 worst sports commercials we could find.

Otherwise, Enjoy Yo’self!

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Blood in the Water

Let’s be honest, after a title like that I’ve already got your interests piqued at unusually high levels, so allow me, if you will, to properly set the scene.

It’s the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games; subsequently (and somewhat ironically) nicknamed ‘The Friendly Games.’[1] Australian athletes such as Dawn Fraser, Betty Cuthbert, Shirley Strickland and Murray Rose are slowly making the ’56 Games the most successful ever for Australia.[2]

On December 6, 1956 the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Centre (which may be more familiar to you now as The Westpac Centre: the training and administrative centre of Collingwood Football Club) hosted the men’s water-polo semi-final between the USSR and Hungary.[3] On the surface a men’s water polo match-up between the two nations seem incongruous and insignificant, especially in the context of rivalry, but let me assure you (and as the title indicates) this match was particularly worthy. In fact, not only is it considered the most famous and brutal water-polo game in Olympic history, but the match was never actually completed. It included numerous penalties, security escorts, and the young Hungarian forward Ervin Zádor being helped from the swimming pool with a wound to his right eye and blood streaming down his cheek.

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As the first bounce of the new AFL season draws nearer, we cast our eye over each team’s crystal ball to bring you our definitive season preview for all 18 teams over 4 packed editions!

In Part 1, we start in the doldrums with our predictions for the teams that will occupy the bottom 5 spots on the ladder. Sadly for these teams, we here at Mike or The Don think their chances for the flag are about as good as Brendan Fevola playing in the AFL ever again.

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Mike or The Don plays Cupid

Another year, another Valentine’s Day successfully navigated.

It’s a time when a fat little baby appears in commercials and magazines and in shopfronts everywhere. Blonde ringlets, a freshly Napisan’d nappy and a totally-unsuitable-for-children bow and arrow set apparently represent love and matchmaking.

Still poops in his pants, but apparently smart enough to make life-altering decisions for total strangers.

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